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Инструменти за поддръжка на периферно оборудване

Набор от разнообразни, безплатно предлагани инструменти, които допълнително опростяват разработките, изпълнявани с програмируеми контролери MELSEC.

MELSOFT iQ AppPortal

Efficiently centrally manage all assets to further reduce man-hours!

MELSOFT iQ AppPortal is software that allows you to collectively manage project files, design drawings, documents of MELSOFT products for each purpose.

GX LogViewer

This dedicated viewer displays logging files collected with the Q Series high-speed data logger module or L Series logging function.

High Speed Data Logger Module Configuration Tool

Dedicated configuration tool for Q Series high-speed data logger module.

LCPU Logging Configuration Tool

Dedicated configuration tool for L Series logging function.


Provides parts (FB library, sample ladder) which allow easy use of various devices connected to PLC related units.

A/QnA→Q Conversion Support Tool

Software to support conversion of A/QnA Series programs for Q Series.