MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. is committed to follow all relevant quality standards and norms as well as the Directives of the European Union, and principles of the REACH regulation. The manufacture of environmentally friendly and high-quality products is a core objective for the company.

Quality of Factory Automation Products

Date of informationAffected ProductsSummaryDetailed Information
November 2022Some products of the following series manufactured between August 2021 August 2022 are eligible:   MELSEC iQ-F Series; MELSEC-F Series; ALPHA2 Series; Network Related Products; Tension Controllers; HMIRecently, it was found that the plated parts of electronic components used in some products of our compact PLCs, tension controllers and HMIs contained lead exceeding the regulated value, which is one of the substances regulated by the EU RoHS Directive. There is no impact on the quality, function or performance of the product, nor on the environment or health, and there is no problem with its continued use. However, if you plan to deliver equipment incorporating the target product to Europe, or if you have already delivered the target product to Europe, there are precautions. See the linked document.Notice of EU RoHS Directive on Compact PLC, Tension Controllers and HMI
January 2023 General Our FA products will be implemented marking that complies with the European WEEE Directive. See the linked document. Please note that regardless of whether this symbol is marked on the product or not, at their end-of-life, please contact a certified electronic waste disposal company for the environmentally safe recycling and disposal of your device, separately from your household waste.Our Compliance with WEEE Directive 

Vulnerability information

Date of informationAffected ProductsVulnerability Countermeasure
01.08.2019ME-RTUCVE-2019-14930Issue has been solved with Firmware v3.36. Additional improvement with v3.37 for redundant users
01.09.2019ME-RTUICS-ALERT-19-225-01Issue has been solved with Firmware v3.36. Additional improvements will be done with v3.37
01.10.2021ME-RTUCVE-2018-16060Issue has been solved with Firmware v3.35
01.04.2023ME-RTUCISA-23-110-01 CVE-2023-2131Issue has been solved with Firmware v3.36. Additional improvements will be done with v3.37

Please click here for latest ME-RTU firmware update. 

Initiatives Regarding Factory Automation Products Security

Mitsubishi Electric is constantly working to comply with domestic and foreign standards and specifications (IEC 62443, etc.) in order to provide secure and safe Factory Automation products.