MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Our FA Integrated Selection tool is designed to help you to select the correct components to match their system requirements.

From its splash screen, the tool offers the selection from the following devices:

  • Programmable Controllers MELSEC iQ-R
  • MELSEC iQ-F 
  • AC Servos-MELSERVO
  • Inverters-FREQROL 
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)-GOT 
  • Network interface board
  • Embedded type SSC

Terms of use

  • The FA Integrated Selection Tool is a free-of-charge service of Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation.
  • Use this tool for reference when selecting our products and be sure that the setup will fulfill all your needs and conforms to the specific system design rules setout in the appropriate hardware manuals.
  • Mitsubishi Electric will not be liable for any loss or damage related to the use of this tool.
  • The FA Integrated Selection Tool is subject to change or end without notice.