MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

versiondog - change management. Automated backup and version control for automated production

The ongoing drive to boost productivity means that there will be constant changes and upgrades to automated processes and machinery over the lifespan of the equipment. In the vast majority of cases, structured changes to control software will result in a seamless upgrade.

Automation software is frequently worked on by many different people, perhaps with the load shared between company employees, outside contractors and system integrators. With so many people working on different aspects of related programs, the potential for version errors to creep in is enormous, and the consequences can be disastrous.

The solution comes in the form of automated data management, version control and backup. Mitsubishi Electric has worked with e-F@ctory Alliance partner Auvesy to integrate the company’s versiondog automated versioning software with Mitsubishi’s GX Works2 next generation configuration and programming software. versiondog brings order to the automation environment by ensuring that you always know which version of the software is currently running, where the backup version is and what changes have been made over the life of the project. Applicable across industries versiondog is a certified enterprise solution for software and data management in the automated production environment.

Integrating with GX Works2, versiondog automates the previous manual handling of different versions of automation programs. It enables users to ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ GX Works projects to and from a central server or network drive, while providing automatic backup of programs running on Mitsubishi Electric PLCs and other data sources such as NC/CNC systems, field devices and drives, either through direct communications or through gateways into subnetworks and even through firewalls.